+ why did you leave your previous workplace?
- they moved the company, they didn't tell me where it was ...

he was a cunning man. one day, he sent a letter saying "flee at once. all is discovered" to principal men of a city. some of them had left the town.

there was a social experiment about this. if i mention it briefly:

there are 2 group of people. the first group is given an easy test. all of them succeeded. 4 different pictures, which has dotted shapes, are shown to them. the first three pictures has concrete shapes but the last one does not have any shape on it. the consensus of the first group is that the last picture does not contain a specific shape.

the second group had an hard test without enough time. so they failed. then the same pictures are shown to them. they say for the last picture "there is a shape on this picture" and gave their predictions but there was not any shape on it.

so according to this experiment, when we feel unsafe, unsuccessful and weak; we tend to see and believe things that are not exist. well, we can say that most of humanity is more or less like this.

a novel about a young man who thinks that people are diveded into two parts as the losers which is the majority and the winners which is leaders like (see: napoleon bonaparte), and also trying to prove himself that he is in the winner part; and the realization of this hallucination.

the legend who is killed today in a helicopter crash.